This dictionary is supposed to help you navigate words and phrases that are commonly used on our website and within the lgbt+ and radical left community. If we missed anything feel free to let us know. Our contact information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Denne ordbord skal hjælpe dig med at navigere ord og udtryk som ofte bliver brugt på denne webside og indenfor lgbt+ og i de radikale venstre miljøer. Hvis vi har glemt noget skriv til os, så tilføjer vi det. Vores kontaktinformation kan findes helt nederst på denne side.


A system which oppresses people with disabilities and favors those without. Ableism can happen through oppressive language and actions alike. Not providing physical and mental access to spaces for people with various kinds of disabilities. Ableism frames people as a burden to the individual and society.
Further reading: Crip theory, disability, oppression, bodily autonomy

A process in which people take responsibility for their harmful actions. This may include actions which they have been made aware of by others and actions which they were previously unaware of. Accountability includes making sincere attempts to mitigate the harm that was caused by them and avoidance of causing harm in the future.

Ace / Acearo
Ace is short for Asexual = someone who does not experience sexual attraction.
Acearo is short for Asexual and Aromantic = someone who does not experience sexual or romantic attraction.
However, these definitions do not necessarily mean that asexual and/or aromantic individuals do not experience arousal and/or love.

Short for ‘assigned female at birth’ / ‘assigned male at birth’.
The culturally defined sex individuals are assigned by doctors at birth. Newborn’s genitals are usually assessed to be either